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Regenerate in early summer

San Vigilio is the ideal place to take a break from everyday life, relax and
recharge your batteries by immersing yourself in the spectacular nature that
surrounds us.
During your stay we propose a special daily schedule to you, for a day different than
The best way to experience the full beauty of nature is to take a walk in the woods,
immerse yourself between the trees and refine all your senses. Listen to the
noises, breathe in the scents and open your eyes to the new discoveries that
Mother Nature has in store for us.

you should put in the backpack:
picnic blanket
and sunscreen
lunch (on request at the reception)
bottle to fill

Our Hotel Erika is only a few steps away from the beginning of a beautiful walk
entirely in the woods. There you can enjoy nature to the fullest.
Along the way you will find a fountain where you can fill your glass bottle with
fresh mountain water. Our water has many beneficial properties that will give
you the energy to face the entire day.
Find one of the countless places to enjoy your packed lunch. Take a break, relax and
enjoy the panorama.

If you are near the creek, approach it and take a few minutes to walk in its cool water.
This little ritual will boost your immune system and help you to release the tension from your normal routine.
Erika with Michele, Lucia & family
Hotel Erika 
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